Indie Wrestling Channel ROKU

The Indie Wrestling Channel has officially shut down.

Emerging from the Fire by Promise in Ashes

Buy the first single from Promise in Ashes!

Emerging from the Fire (Acoustic) by Promise in Ashes

Short Film

Check out this Short FilmĀ that POL Publishing and Productions produced with Mandel Cook Films

Actors Needed

We are currently looking for some fresh faces for some up coming movies. Please go to our Apply page and send us your info and head shot. We will get back to you asap!

Currently Booking for:

3 Days of Night (Horror) (2015)

I Loved Her (Suspense) (2014)

Frankie SteinĀ (Horror/Comedy) (2015)

Valley Fest

The Valley Fest 2012 DVD is now available! Click HERE! The DVD will play in almost all DVD players, but has had a few issues with older DVD players.

The video is also scheduled to be on the new tv station in 2013.